"Ocean of opportunity to attain excellent education enabling to explore,unexplored".


EFA School shall have classes from LKG(Anji Play school pattern with sanskrit medium) to 12th standard.


Schools shall have fully equipped computer lab having 40 computers with latest software and also STEAM labs.

Special Education

EFA Schools are first in country to start artificial intelligences and machine learning one of the compulsory subjects from class 8th.

What We Offer

Smart Class

Classrooms are technologically enhanced that enable teaching and learning opportunities like never before!


Robotics allows students to learn in different ways STEAM disciplines and attitudes for analysis and operation of robots.

Certified Teachers

Professionally qualified (M.ed./B.Ed./D.El.Ed.) and also Certified Microsoft Innovative Teachers.

Jugaad Labs

Here students explore the world of electronics and everyday science by working with tools, assembling circuits, doing science experiments.

Bio-Gas Plant

Teaches students in chemistry lab to buit Bio-gas plant using waste material.

Educational Visit

Visit to the best institutions in the state and country shall be offered to the students.